Moving recruiting online from one day to another?

Our ways of recruiting have changed significantly ever since our first day of home office following the nation-wide lockdown in Denmark. 

Before working from home became the routine for most of us, we worked with recruitment with a very personal approach. We love to meet our candidates for interviews. But suddenly it was not an option to meet in person. 

We were determined to pursue our growth ambition even though society came to a standstill. And therefore, we had to re-imagine how to efficiently recruit online, keeping our core principles intact.


Our initial process remains the same - we use our recruitment software to manage job postings and our different perspectives to evaluate applications, with biased-trained lenses on. And it is also there in the system, that we can leave messages for each other to make our evaluations more transparent and grounded. We use an assessment tool to get to know the selected candidates better before we meet them face-to-face and to consider what work styles are needed for the teams. 

Oh, screen-to-screen, pardon me. 

Beginning in March, we moved our interviews online using Microsoft Teams. It took some readjustment. Suddenly, we lost the opportunity to open the office front door for our interviewees and invite them in for the first time. All of us at tamigo decided to address this new reality proactively and with integrity. It is crucial for us to ensure our recruitment is free of biases and therefore, fair, transparent, and inclusive.  

Our interviewees showed an immense amount of understanding and were ready to have job interviews online - also a new reality for them. And we would like to thank them for that! 

Conducting interviews online has helped to move HR practices forward to be on par with the technological possibilities of 2020. And yes - recruiting online from one day to another is possible, indeed! 

See you on Teams! 

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